Retirement Savings Plan

The retirement savings program features a Group Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP), a Deferred Profit Sharing Program (DPSP), and a Tax Free Savings Account Contribution Plan (TFSA) that offers you and your employees tax effective, customized investment structures and options to meet your needs. The Retirement Savings plan was developed to help you attract and retain exceptional employees; it features investment management fees significantly lower than typical retail investments, which helps maximize your investment returns.

"I personally urge you to consider CADA 360 Retirement Savings as a way to maximize your own personal investment returns and offer your employees one of the best investment savings plan available."
Bob Stephen

For more information about the CADA 360 Retirement Savings Plan, please contact:

Catherine Jay
Director, Governance & Plan Management, CADA 360 Health & Welfare Trust
(905) 940-4959 or (1 800) 463-5289 Ext. 234