Garage Insurance Program

Through its network of selected insurance brokers the CADA 360 - Garage Insurance Program provides members with access to high quality and comprehensive insurance protection.

The core objectives of this program are to:

  1. Ensure that there is a dealer-directed garage insurance program in the marketplace for dealers to be confident in.
  2. Assemble the best combination of insurer and insurance broker to provide garage insurance to members.
  3. Select the best-in-class insurance brokers to provide exemplary service to members.
  4. Use the leverage of the Association to obtain broad coverage at the most competitive cost possible for every dealer, large and small.
  5. Assist new car and truck dealers with risk management practices to prevent claims, the most important steps for long-term cost reduction.
  6. Assure that an approved CADA 360 - Garage Insurance broker, visits each insured member at least annually to understand the dealership's specific operations and to align their risk exposures with the coverages available:
    1. Commercial Property
    2. Equipment Breakdown
    3. General Liability
    4. Errors and Omission
    5. Garage Liability
  7. Deliver the highest quality claims advocacy and settlement service.

"It all comes back to you - It's more than a tag line; it's the CADA 360 brand promise. When dealers participate in the CADA 360- Garage Insurance Program, they help fund CADA's efforts for stronger advocacy in Government and Industry Relations." - Ken Shaw Jr.

For more information about the CADA 360 - Garage Insurance Program, please contact:

Lucille Laframboise
Assistant Director, Marketing and Business Development
(905) 940-4959 or (1 800) 463-5289 Ext. 224