Employee Benefit Plan

The only national employee benefits plan of its type in Canada, with rates and expenses reflecting the significant buying power of CADA. The plan provides you and your employees benefits such as life and disability insurance, health care, dental care and vision care, with ongoing coverage available to retired dealers and retired managers. Backed by over 60 years of experience, the plan protects more than 1,600 dealerships across Canada. In all, over 85,000 dealer employees and their family members place their trust in CADA 360 - Employee Benefits.

"Our commitment is to ensure that CADA 360 - Employee Benefits leads the way in providing the best employee benefits plan for all Canadian new car and truck dealers" - Bob Stephen

For more information about the CADA 360 - Employee Benefits Plan, please contact:

Catherine Jay
Director, Governance & Plan Management, CADA 360 Health & Welfare Trust
(905) 940-4959 or (1 800) 463-5289 Ext. 234
Email: cjay@cada.ca